Amazing photos! They evoke many emotions and help you connect with beauty that surrounds us :)
Finally took a look and wow! you got some major talent!
I see what you mean, you can tell its something you are passionate about!
Sheila Gauthier(non-registered)
Awesome pictures!!! You are very talented and pick the right objects at the perfect time and knows what will look good....might have to use you sometime...
Cinzia Guglietta(non-registered)
Hi Dariusz,
You have a gift, don't loose it:)
Photos are beautiful and breath taking.
Michelle 11Shell11(non-registered)
Absolutely astonishing and breath taking! So obvious you love what you do!
Awesome Photos! Im a fan!
Wow!!!!! Very impressive, youve got some talent!!!!
Anh Nguyen(non-registered)
Wicked pics! keep up the good work!
Good work, keep at it and it will pay off one day.
Beautiful pictures Dariusz! I can definitely see your passion coming through your images! Keep up the goood work!
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